About Me

I have spent my entire life around the military.

I was born on an Air Force base and grew up a military brat all over the world with my father who was in the Air Force. I’ve lived in six different countries so far. This has given me a very open-minded and cultured view to many of the issues that we face in the United States.

In 2001 I joined the military myself and became an Army Infantryman. Over my 13 years in the Army, I did two 15-month deployments to Iraq and spent four years as a Recruiter outside Los Angeles.

          Fun fact: Until moving to San Antonio in 2013, I had never lived in one place for longer than 4 years at a time.

In 2014, I was forced to medically retire after an accident. I decided to finish college and earned two degrees, in Criminology and Psychology, from Texas A&M – San Antonio. Shortly after my graduation in 2017, I ended up going back to work for the Army as a civilian Investigative Analyst in law enforcement. Unfortunately I had to resign from that position in order to run for office. However, during my time there I learned a lot about law enforcement and how to operate police agencies effectively and efficiently.

Fun fact: I have not yet had a paying job that has not been affiliated with the military, working as a civilian, contractor, or actually serving.

            I have a wife of eleven years, Rattana, whom I met while on leave in Thailand. We have two sons, Kai and Archer, both only just reaching school age. We have been living in Texas now for nine years, although Texas has been my home of record since I joined the Army.