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About Jeremy

Jeremy has spent his entire life around the military.

Jeremy was born on an Air Force base in California and grew up as a military brat all over the world with his father who was in the Air Force. Jeremy then served in 13 years in the Army himself before being medically retired. Then Jeremy spent 4 more years working as an Army civilian in law enforcement.

Jeremy's Promises to You

Politicians will usually make a lot of promises during their campaigns. However, I know that I can’t predict the future and whether the policies I fight for will pass. There are three promises I know that I can make and keep, and those are;

1 -

I will always fight for you.
(I may not win,
but I will fight)

2 -

I will always be honest with you.

3 -

I will always be accessible to you.

The Issues

Voting Rights

I am a gun owner and believe in responsible gun ownership. We can enact common sense safety laws that will protect people while not infringing on people’s right to own a gun.

Gun Rights

Our election system has been and continues to be very secure. We need to be expanding access to voting, not restricting it. I support no-excuse mail-in voting as well as changing the opt-in box to an opt-out when people register for their driver’s license.


I fully support the decriminalization of Marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. I also support releasing those currently incarcerated for such offenses and expunging those charges from all records.


Texas is one of the only states that did not elect to expand Medicaid. This has especially hurt rural Texans. I fully support expanding Medicaid to ensure all Texans have access to healthcare.

Abortion Access

There are better ways to prevent the need for abortion while still ensuring women have the access they need. The Netherlands has the lowest abortion rate in the world while also having free access to providers. This is because they have an effective sex education program in schools and have ensured both control is both accessible and affordable.

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